Soft Robotics + Smart Pneumatics

Our company develops fun and engaging inflatable soft robotic toys for kids. Our interactive air-powered robots move by pumping air through channels embedded in the robots. We are transferring soft robotic technology from our robotics research lab into the market with a market-focused product development cycle.


We developed air-powered circuits to control the rhythmic movement of a walking robot without using any electronics. Only one air source was needed to control multiple movements rather than individual motors.

Where You Fit In!

We are looking for investors and/or value-added business partners to take our company to the next stage. Please reach out if you would like to be a part of our journey. We are excited to hear from you!

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UCSD-Mathworks Microgrant

Selected as grant recipient for work with simulation of electronics-free robotics!

NSF I-Corps

Completed NSF I-Corps program at the national level

NASA Tech Briefs

First place in Manufacturing, Robotics and Automation Category for NASA Tech Briefs Design Contest.

AWS Startups

Semifinalist for 2021 AWS University Startup Competition.

Blackstone LaunchPad

Winner of Blackstone LaunchPad Ideas Competition for Consumer Products Category.

Science Robotics

Our paper Electronics-free pneumatic circuits for controlling soft-legged robots was published as the cover feature for the February 2021 issue of Science Robotics. In this paper we discuss the development of some of our technology, and the work we have done.

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The article Pneumatic soft robots take a step toward autonomy by A. Rajappan et al. was released as a commentary on how our work has impacted the field.

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